What Does “Pro-Vax” Even Mean?

I joined Twitter earlier this year and began tweeting about covid policies in August. My bio has undergone many permutations over the months since, as I’ve explored the purpose of my account and refined how I want to present myself to the world. At first, I included “pro-vax” in my profile. I did this for a few reasons, including the fact that I do genuinely believe, based on the available data, that covid vaccines are preventing serious illness and death among at-risk populations. But I am not sure that’s really what I meant by “pro vax.” When I reflect on it now, with a few months’ distance, the real reason I included it in my bio was as a virtue signal and marker of credibility. I may as well have written, “I have concerns about covid policy and I hate masks, but I’m vaccinated and not a covid denier MAGA insurrectionist” – which would have taken up too much valuable real estate in a bio with a 160-character limit. But in that sense, the “pro-vax” label has little do with my actual beliefs, and more about how I am worried others will see me. I don’t want to care about that anymore.

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